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Archive for October, 2005

  • October 31, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Happy Halloween! To celebrate we’ve got a creepy sextastic tuesday for you…on Monday! It’s actually not really that scary, but I suppose it fits into the Holloween theme of the show. Plus, I’ve got an update for you regarding me selling my body piece-by-piece for donations. On Today’s Show: – Public suicide: now

  • October 28, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! What a way to end the week! In addition to the crazy news, we unleash a musical beast! A song that’s sure to sweep the Goddamn nation! On Today’s Show: – Mr. Sulu sucks it. Hard. – Child whores going cheap! – 7Up and Piss? Tim’s selling his body, piece by piece. Make

  • October 27, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! In addition to crazy news stories, you’ll also learn which hand I use to masturbate with and my personal stance on feet-licking. How could you not listen!? On Today’s Show: – Shit Cakes! – Attack of the Foot Licker – Whacking off at the Drive-Thru – Super-Drunk can’t fly Links: PK&J Show: Back

  • October 26, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! After listening to today’s show, you’ll want to dress up like an AIDS infected Nazi prostitute for Halloween! OK, maybe not. Make sure to visit our message board to submit your questions for the upcoming horse fucker interview! Hear all about it on today’s DV! On Today’s Show: – Gay Skinhead Hookers (Now

  • October 25, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks, Grandma, what a big cock you have! That’s a hint as to what today’s Sextastic Tuesday is all about! Read on for the answer! On Today’s Show: – Moto-Corpse Racing! – Cocaine on the cob – Motley Crue blaring from tits – A Little Red Riding Whore Sextatic Tuesday story Voicemail: 206-666-4463 Email:

  • October 24, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Wow, what a bizarre show we have for you today. Prepare yourself mentally for it! On Today’s Show: – A giant cock – He’s a dog fucker yet so much more – Stupid elderly people Snail Mail: Distorted View P.O. BOX 351 Worthington, Ohio 43085 Voicemail: 206-666-4463 Email: Podcast Alley: Vote Listen

  • October 21, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Here’s your Friday show! Enjoy the weekend, and we’ll be back on Monday for more Distorted View! If you’re bored this weekend, hang out with all of the freaks in our message board! On Today’s Show: – Chewing children – Kid stuck in meat grinder – Return of the horse fucker Links: Bitter

  • October 20, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Back with a big show for your Thursday! As always, if you have a funny news story to share, E-mail it to me, or better yet, visit our FARK-like news-posty thing. On Today’s Show: – Flame on, toddler! – A giant piece of talking shit – Sex part from Hell! Plus much more!

  • October 19, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! It’s time for a best-of show! Why, you ask? Because a friend dragged me out of the house and liquored me up. I may try to record a new showlater today in the afternoon, but if not we’ll be back tomorrow with our 200th podcast! Holy Shit! 200 epiosdes! On Today’s Show –

  • October 18, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Here we go again. Another Tuesday, another sextastic story for you. My roommate Joe came through with today’s story. If you have a bizarre, funny, or sick sex story you think would be perfect for Sextastic Tuesday, Email it to me! On Today’s Show: – Stabbed over soup – Like a stun gun