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Archive for November, 2005

  • November 30, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Welcome to Distorted View Daily. If you’re new to the podcast, get ready to have your ass kicked with comedy. If you’re not new to the podcast, join me in making fun of the new people: You fucking newbies! Eat shit! On Today’s Show: – Mac & Cheese with dash of death –

  • November 29, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! You know what today is: Sextastic Tuesday! I’ve got a great, disgusting story for you today! In addition to the pornography, I’ve got some twisted news for you, and I discuss the Columbus Dispatch article on DV that was published yesterday. On Today’s Show: – Whacking off to violent vomit – Fat man’s

  • November 28, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Welcome back! Another long weekend as I spent Thanksgiving in my hometown of Ashtabula, Ohio. I’m back with a healthy dose the twisted bizarre shit you’ve grown to love (or at least tolerate). And as always: I love u. On Today’s Show: – Taking a big fat piss in coach – Raping rabbits:

  • November 24, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to turn up your iPod so your whole family can listen to the show while you feast on bird carcass and pumpkin pie! And if you aren’t spending the day with loved ones, let DV be your loved one! On Today’s Show: – Michael Jackson: Jew Hater – Fish

  • November 23, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! What a jam packed show for you today! I’ve got your crazy bizarre news, an entertainmnet update, audio from religious nutso’s, and brand new weird gay porn sounds! What more could you possibly ask for in a podcast…aside from intelligence? On Today’s Show: – Tasering genitals – Yeah, God totally told me it

  • November 22, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks, Wow! Quite a show for you today, freaks! In addition to the crazy news and a Sextastic Tuesday story, today’s show features an appearance by my mom! That’s right! Mother Henson stops by to play “What’s That Sound” On Today’s Show: – My mother the Frozen Ice Box – Pissing your pants and

  • November 21, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Back to start a brand new week of Distorted View! Remember: the best way to help out the show (aside from sending me loads of cash) is to spread the word about Distorted View! Talk it up to your online fuckpals and real-life friends! If you do, God will smile upon you. On

  • November 19, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! Can you believe it? Can you FEEEL the excitement in the air? It’s time for a brand new episode of DV! On a Saturday!? You bet your sweet ass! Enjoy this rare weekend edition, and we’ll be back on Monday to start a whole new week! On Today’s Show: – Iced Urine –

  • November 18, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! I feel like death, but I try to “bring home the funny”. I don’t even fucking know what that means. Don’t forget, I will be back tomorrow for a rare Saturday show! I figured I took enough time off this month, so it’s time to give a little bit back. On Today’s Show:

  • November 17, 2005By distortedview

    Hey Freaks! It’s thursday and I’m back to the loud, screaming Tim that you know and love. Fuck my upstairs neighbor! It’s all about the comedy. On Today’s Show: – Ripping Off Testicles – Fucking Inanimate Objects – Setting Human Brains on Fire Anyone have any tips for conquering sore throats? Email me! Links: PK&J