Distorted View Daily: 5/2/05

May 2, 20051 min read

Hey Freaks!
Yes, it’s Monday and that kind of sucks, but fear not! I’m here to help you get through the week with some news of the weird!
Today, before we start the program I talk about my weekend dinner with Paul and Jeanette of The PK&J Show. If you haven’t checked out their show, do it now! Good stuff, I promise!
On Today’s Show:
– Why pay for sex when a juicy T-bone would do?
– The Girl Scouts are coming after dead beat cookie eaters
– Weapons of mass digestion
Also, check out our new online feature: Sextastic Tuesday – The Web Game! You can help write a disgusting, twisted erotic story, just like the ones featured every Tuesday right here on DV.
Finally, it’s a new month which means you can all vote for DV again at Podcast Alley. Help out the show by clicking here and voting.
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Enjoy the show!
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