Distorted View Daily: 06/07/05

June 7, 20051 min read

Hey Freaks!
Tuesday’s here and it’s going to be Sextastic! What’s hotter than tranny porn!? Don’t answer that. In addition to this cross-dressing adventure, I’ve good a shitload of news for ya:
On Today’s Show:
– Granny is pimpin’ bitches and ho’s
– A devil baby goes pee pee in church
– Fishy smells coming from her ‘gina
All this plus your E-mails!
Scott Fletcher: Podcheck it, bitch.
Dead Air Radio: Now With Tea Tree Oil & Vitamins!
PuPu Platters: Maker of the PuPu Player and avid backgammon hobbist
Bob And David: Goin’ On A Holiday
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