Distorted View Daily: 08/05/05

August 5, 20051 min read

Hey Freaks!
We find ourselves at the end of the week! Fear not, we’ll be back on Monday to do it all over again. If you get bored this weekend, check out some of our past shows, submit and read some crazy news stories, or rub one out thinking about my hot, rash-covered body.
On Today’s Show:
– Killing your spouse because she wants to cuddle
– Fat men in lacey underwear
– Rottweilers eating babies
Barefoot Radio: Comedy, music, and those nitro-burning funny cars
PK&J Show: Intimate talk from two M2F transexuals
Dawn and Drew: It’s like Ladies Home Journal..but with a puffy vagina
Nobody Likes Onions: A NAMBLA award winning podcast!
Podcheck: Hosted by an adult bed wetter
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