Distorted View Daily: 2/16/06

February 16, 20061 min read

Hey Freaks!
Oh man, you’re not going to like this, but today’s I’ve got a….. BEST OF SHOW for you. Moohaha. Before you start bitching and moaning, just know that I’ve started a new day job and it’s my first week, so there’s a bit of adjusting for me to do. Ok, AND I’m lazy. Believe me, when the cash starts coming in from doing this show there will be a lot less best-of’s 🙂 I’m gonna buy me a boat!
On Today’s Show:
– Dead Tigers
– Talking Penises
– Drunking Horseback Riding
TLA RAW: holy shit! Check out the Clickgrid! They’re the biggest sponsor of the show! Rock on!
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