Distorted View Daily: 4/15/06

April 15, 20061 min read

Hey Freaks!
You did it. You won me over with that smile of yours. More importantly, you came through with some Paypal donations, and so I’m more than happy to present to you a Saturday show! Enjoy the program, have a great and safe Easter, and join me back on Monday to do it all over again. Keep those Easter donations to me comin’!
On Today’s Show:
– A Diaper Dump!
– Domestic Abuse + Child Porn! Double Whammy!
– Necrophiliac Lovin’
I Hate Cheese: That’s right, cheddar, I’m talking to you.
PK&J Show: Featuring a PK&J Porno!
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Voicemail: 206-666-4463
Email: show@distortedview.com
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