Amy Winehouse On A KFC Chicken Wrap

April 22, 20161 min read

Top Of The Show:

More memories of Chyna. Thanks to DV listener Nate, I’ve got the audio from my 2001 interview with the WWF/WWE superstar.

I play audio from the last known video of Chyna

A doctor assembles three of her trans patients to GET IT ON.

What does a crackhead who thinks his dick is on fire sound like?

Audio from Puke Fest 2009

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A woman bought a KFC chicken wrap but ended up with a musical legend.,

Paying for a prostitute with Girl Scount cookie money. Tipping her with a bush-baby! (?)

Getting into a domestic dispute with your parrot

Other Things:

A listener calls in to talk about TRIGGER WARNINGS

A caller comments on my various types of laughter

More soda pop talk

Also: my eye and temple keeps twitching. Am I going to die?


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