Crude Summer Episode 3: Can Abortion Be Sexy?

July 28, 201929 min read

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Welcome To Distorted View’s Crude Summer!

Each week we will take a dip into DV’s pool of disgusting, poorly written, and just weird erotic fan fiction/ sex stories that have been featured over the past 15 years of the podcast. I originally read these stories to you during a segment called Sextastic Tuesday, which aired just about every week (on Tuesday’s, naturally) and creeped out a generation of freaks. Every weekend this summer we will relive some of these abominations.

This week: An extremely gross and descriptive piece of abortion erotic fiction. It’s hard to make abortion sound sexy, and this story is proof of that. Thankful, it’s rather short, clocking in at around 7 minutes. So, I’ve included a second, bonus sext story today! The second story was written by friend of the show Corey Sundae! Becky is a girl just looking for a little romance. Does she find it? Listen on and find out!


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Hastily AI’ed Transcription Of Today’s Show:

Hastily AI’ed Transcription Of Today’s Show:

Coming up on this week screwed summer How do you make abortion sound sexy? we attempt to answer that with a piece of terminated pregnancy erotica. Not to spoil the story but the answer to my question is you can’t you can’t make it sound hot. It’s just disturbing and gross. Everything we look for in a sec story, crude summer starts in just a second. distorted views crude summer is brought to you by Adam and eve.com the sex toy superstore with that old timey mom and pop store charm. Look, your local erotic boutique is fine. They’ve got some movies, some generic toys, it works when you’re in a pinch, and you just need something in your butt right away and you don’t mind paying a little more but if you want access to over 20,000 adult items at an amazing price, check out Adam and Eve calm. Here’s an example just about every corner store sex shop sells nipple clamps. But only Adam and Eve calm has the exclusive chain me up cake clamps including two nipple clamps and click clamp all connected together. Just pull on the O ring in the middle and yank her tits and Clint at the same time, innovative forward thinking that’s Adam and Eve calm for a limited time just for distorted view listeners get 50% off just about any item when you use promo code freak at checkout. That’s FREAK half off any one item is an amazing deal on its own. We’re just getting started baby. use promo code freak and you’ll also receive a sexy item for him a special gift for her and a third item you’ll both enjoy plus six free spicy movies and free shipping on your entire order. That’s 10 free gifts when you use promo code freak. Let’s recap. Adam and Eve calm has products like Coca Cola Key Eagle Trainer with three different removable weight sizes. It’ll tighten up even the most stubborn Ward outputs the whole I’m guessing I don’t know. use promo code freak on an item like that and get 10 free gifts including free shipping. That’s promo code freak FREAK at AdamAndEve.com Kimberly felt like she was being torn apart on the inside. Yes, that’s what we like to hear. We want your content to burn. All right. This is good, right? The sex was almost violent, the best kind right? The bed bending and creaking beneath them. They moved in unison getting louder and louder. When he finally came inside of her. She was flooded with a potent 500 million strong sperm deposit. She knew this and loved it. The knowledge of his fertility making her come. She squeezed her legs around him, holding him tight against her crutch screaming me put it all in me was bitches cuckoo for calm right. Not only was her perfectly right bag fertilized within 30 minutes of their orgasm, there was an unexpected side effect, she doubled. Her body, sensing the unique opportunity to be impregnated by such quality released an egg from the other ovary. Soon she was carrying two rapidly growing embryos underneath her perfectly flat belly. You got me pregnant, I know it. She gasped. Her massive tits heaving as she calmed down. So descriptive. That’s how you know you’re dealing with a good author. He adds those little things like her massive keeping tips. Any fucking that good has got to knock A woman up just take the pill. He said, I’m not raising any little bastards. She went to take a shower and then had to leave when her roommate called crying about a crisis with a girlfriend. She had to help her out with that and then study for her tests. The tests were week long and in the stress she forgot to take her birth control. A week later, she remembered her pill but knew it was too late. The twins were rapidly growing inside of her. She felt sick knowing that this parasite was growing inside of her. That’s exactly what children are hmm parasites. Some inhuman thing, let she didn’t want was inside of her growing. She got in her car to rush to she’s gonna make a great mother’s and she she got in her car to rush to Mike to tell him what had happened and that he needed to pay for an abortion. In her rush though she got into a car accident. She hit a tree wrecking her car. Her parents bought her a new car, but she was gonna have to pay it off. Like what this has nothing to do with this story. Really for Who cares who bought her new car and that she had to pay it off? All right, and Mike had refused to pay for the abortion. You’re the one they got pregnant Not me, he said closing the door in her face as a girl waited inside his next victim. She didn’t make much money and her parents were demanding money for the car. She struggled in her job to pay them all the time hating the swelling of a perfect body. The squirming thing inside of her shouldn’t be rotting and an abortion clinic garbage bin by now. She thought angrily. The twins were large for their age testament to the pairing of their parents. Kimberly was indeed large at seven months looking more than ready to give birth. She went to a doctor to see why she was so large and there she found out about the twins. It drove her over the edge. She officially went crazy. I could just see her punching her stomach. Not only was there one thing inside of her feeding off of her ruining her Lux making her an outcast. There weren’t too She immediately went to the clinic with what was going to be her payment to her parents and demanded an abortion. At that stage the nurse said it would have to be a costly and dangerous sailing abortion. Kimberly did not care she just wanted the maggots dead. Referring to your children this maggots and assailant procedure sounded as painful as they deserved. She watched as the doctor measured the pregnancies with an ultrasound and hated that. He commented on how big and well developed they were. They were feeding well inside of her. She felt that it was coming to an end as the abortionist injected along needle into her huge and swollen abdomen to remove the water in her uterus. The twins squirm keep trembling you little fuckers, she thought you’ll be burned and suffocated soon and I get to feel every goddamn Twitch. What is the character of Kimberly remind me of my own mother. Oh, It’s because my mother threatened to abort me all through my childhood. You can’t afford a five year old watch me that she chased me around the house with a vacuum cleaner and a lighter. Weird. My mom was an alcoholic for most of my childhood. All right back to the story here. As the sailing was introduced, the twins ride as the liquid touch their sensitive skin. What would have been their attractive hair and adulthood were burned black in the skin shriveled. Kimberly smiled at their obvious pain, seeing little hands and feet press through her skin. Burn Baby Burn, she said out loud as the fighting continued. inside of her what would have been intelligent even brilliant minds slowly began to shut down. An hour later the abortionist used the ultrasound to see if they were still alive and saw that they were still hanging on to live despite the massive saintly. He commented on what strong fetuses they were instead of direct approach was needed. Kimberly was moved to another abortion room and put in stirrups. The doctors silently appreciated the gorgeous hair and vaginal lips between her legs. Now is not the time. Although if you never want to have kids, I can’t think of a better guy to date than an abortion doctor, plus these rich. All right back to the story here the doctor thought, Oh, she’s playboy material. This one. The doctor inserted forceps into the uterine cavity and roughly jerked a charred leg out of Kimberly’s vagina. The creature still managed to squirm in protest as it was pulled out of her. The squirming stopped as a pair of scissors was jammed into the back of its skull, and a look of shock appeared on its face. The doctor dropped the body in the trash with a thud the shocked look still there. The second creature also put up a fight. If it Talk it would say please, Mommy, don’t kill me. I love you. I swear to God I did not write this story. Although it sounds like I could have the fetus stop suddenly though, knowing that mommy didn’t love him back. Kimberly looked away from her bed into the trash and saw the charred, mutilated bodies with crushed skulls. They were just as inhuman looking as she thought. I was. She said to herself, they tried to take over her life and she killed them before they could. She hoped it hurt like how VN. Well, there you go. Abortion porn was kind of disturbing. And thankfully, kind of short. It was only like a seven minute story. Because of that I have a bonus sex story. This one was written by our good friend Corey. Now there’s one thing that last story was missing it would be a little bit of romance. It started with this poor girl’s pussy being ripped open and then it you know, ended with an abortion. So the story that Corey wrote for us is heavy on the romance. I think it’ll balance things out nicely. Take a listen. The atmosphere was hemorrhaging with pure love. The sun was gushing romance, the world ache for affectionate adventure, and I’m as high as a bucking kite for romance. Hi, my name is Becky. And this is my ultimate extreme romance fantasy. My heart rates with the anticipation is my knight in shining armor shock arrived on a white horse and full night armor. He then romantically tore up his armor and within full took, like surprises. Shock status, he romantically ripped up his tuxedo. Shockwave is no time showing its full assortment of naked perfection. It’s big news. Within muscles were like fucking Tarzan. We briefed his chiseled barbarian chest rub to give my breath. My heart stop like my grandpa’s artificial heart giving out last year except I was literally dying. I was living in a storybook romance. epic proportions. Shark then gave me on to the beanie babies heart shaped balloon de Bry scented candle, a mixtape of shot at a child cake with my smiley face on it. These babies look so lifelike. I told Jacques Yes, I gave the taxidermists an extra tip, just to make the red smile. I also made you a homemade bear with all of my shaved off party hair. See the toenails are his claws. So when you sleep at night, you always have a piece of me Yeah, jack was getting some pussy tonight totally. He spent so much money on me. It made my Clint a wreck like a prairie dog. We started making out. Our bodies were tangled like sea turtles struggling in a six pack of plastic rings. He then guided me to a hot air balloon. We floated across acres of farmland. He then professed his undying love by showing me a car being in a field of corn which red I love you Becky. He took out a stock of corn and said I plowed that field with my bare hands. And now it’s time I plow you Becky he gently creamed corn stock in my current at the corn went in and out tiny fits were falling. He also decorated my neck with tiny kisses and grab my boisterous breath like a mountain climber clinching a boulder. He was driving me up so fucking loopy crazy. Hot Air Balloon then landed in a secluded Amazon rain forest jungle overlooking the sunset. JOHN played out a magnificent picnic. I made this one for you. I started with my own bare feet when I was in high school, his age beautifully just like your face. Then prepare dinner by killing lobsters with his own draw a manly bare hand. Ah, that fucking one just bit me, or he got me pretty good. He did not want to die. And he showed me with a little nip to the pinky. The blood red down shocks arm and I didn’t hesitate to lick it up and whisper I can’t wait to taste your other man fluids. As I was distracted, what are the nearly dead lobsters crawled up by the lobster tail was hanging out and it was almost fully inside of me. Shark came to my rescue and tried to kill the lobster with the wine bottle. It started showing Get inside my pussy. Lobster parts red wine and corn kernels, not to mention cut cream poured all over the picnic blanket and look like a successful abortion. The color of love just flowed out of me. Show me the most of the situation it started giving me a full body massage my vomit shark then fed. Becky, what did you do with a potato salad? to have it Becky I love you so much. I hit something very special in it. Back Back. I don’t know how what voice to do this one and Becky knew it was a wedding ring that Jacques had hit in the potato salad and started to passionately vomit. I didn’t know you could do that. Jacques exclaimed. Well, how do you think I caught this knockout party? I didn’t do sit ups. The cubic decoder ring was beautiful, covered in potato salad. chopped down on one knee and half. Becky You make me the happiest man in the entire Milky Way galaxy and maybe I just about barked up more potato salad in my mouth with a quivering magical smile I belch and vomited more potato salad as I kissed his rugged mountain man face. My vagina bird with desire, like a waffle iron clamping down on my Libya. My skin was almost melting like a burn victim. A jet plane flew overhead the sky writer wrote, make love to me Paki. I was completely awestruck, then suddenly control and crash into a mountain. Explosions brighten up the sky and just gorgeous face. The flames reminded me of a romantic burning fireplace. I passionately started pleasantly shocked, which crumbled in my mouth like me. It tasted scrumptious. like strawberries and honey, its fourth give this chewy like taffy and I played with his balls like a pinball machine, knocking them around with my hand paddle hitting his high score. He didn’t choke slam me to the ground and rammed his cock inside of my ass like a knife going in and out of an open wound repeatedly the crime of passion. His hair was blowing like fucking Fabio on a romance novel. The sex was raw, spectacular and primitive. My asshole look like a brown crunchy after he was dumped me. Favorite line so far? Then it’s gorgeous, gorgeous battering ram crash through my hairy fortress of pussy. With every pelvic thrust cause a thunderclap generating electricity through my nervous system. Wedding bells rang and my head is the pounded me over the facts That he was actually physically hurting me. I didn’t care though I can only imagine wedding dress shopping, spending all of his riches and bearing his children. Then the planets aligned my vagina released forth an epic tremor, Cupid’s arrow when third my vagina hit my fucking cheese spot. Fireworks butterflies champagne and glitter came shooting out of my vagina as I cried and tasted my salty tears. Out of nowhere. thousands of birds circled after the tornado with feathers, pink confetti and rainbow fell from heaven. leprechauns and gold coins were sprinkled all over the rain forest, then shot pulled out and I swear to God, he started getting red rose petals all over my face, and a celebration of our love and devotion. He released two white dogs, which were immediately shot down by nearby hunters. Come to us we’re using machine guns. Then read an original poem he wrote for me God took out the stars and put them in your eyes. Now if only he could do something about your size. I am so honored that you gave me a chance because I spent my 401k ticket in your pants. Chuck was I hope this was a night you’d never forget. It was the perfect storybook ending justify lead in for a kid the Komodo dragon started knowing on Shark slay, that a family of Komodo dragons started ripping all of his limbs apart. bones were scattered like someone tossed out a bucket of KFC. I got the fuck out of there and in the hot air balloon. My dream had been eaten by the dragon. God damn dragons, has been stench attracted the most wild of the rain forest, if only he wore his full body armor. So before I finish the story, I have one plug I’d like to make. So now I’m single on the team theme. We had some time with an email on my MySpace page. Something I like long walks on the beach as long as there are no sand dragons so bad. And please no married men or men with China’s, or even bother. Becky died that day of a broken heart, not to mention the fatal gunshot wound. May this be a lesson for you hopeless romantics if you can find the one Watch out for those goddamn dragons. The end there you go. That was like your salty and your sweet first story berry salty, better, tasted like bloody fetus actually. And then the story was very sweet. Well, I mean, as sweet as you’re going to get here. If you have a favorite sex plastic Tuesday story that you remember and you would like to hear again, why not requested for an upcoming edition of crude summer you can always email me show at distorted view. com voicemail line free a 206-666-4463 I’m all over social media at distorted view on Twitter and Instagram facebook.com slash distorted view show and we have a Discord. It’s a cool way to meet and chat with other freaks. There’s a link to the discord on the main navigation bar over there at distorted view com. Regular episodes of distorted view daily are Monday through Friday and I will be back next week with another installment of crude summer until then. Have a great weekend. Bye Thanks. Just a quick final reminder, devious crude summer is brought to you by Adam and eve.com for a limited time get 50% off just about any item plus a bunch of free stuff. A little something for him something for her and a third item you’ll both enjoy plus six movies and free shipping on your entire order. Just remember to use coupon code freak FREAK at AdamAndEve.com

Music from https://filmmusic.io

“Lobby Time” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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