The Erotic Appeal Of Paper Bags

December 29, 20221 min read


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Introduction 0:00.000
A Cowabunga Test Of Patience 0:21.278
Turtle Power! 9:18.711
Quitting Q-Anon While Still Being Crazy 11:18.655
Trying To Loot A Fedex Truck Backfires 20:36.143
Porch Pirate Faces Porta-Potty Justice 23:22.030
Anarchy In America’s Airports 25:18.660
Woman Caught Pissing On Someone’s Doorstep 29:03.237
White Woman Accuses Black Delivery Driver Of Theft 31:36.057
A Man Sexually Excited By Paper Bags 35:54.039
Sign Up For The Sideshow! 38:31.293
Pregnant Stomach Rubbing Is A Felony 39:40.621
Let’s Party Like It’s 1993! Heroin Chic Is Back, Baby! 43:00.258
Pakistani Sex Monster Gets A Sweet Deal 47:40.690
Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending 50:41.106

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