Burger King Unleashes Cheesy Chaos With New Cheeseburger

July 12, 20231 min read

“Honey, get in the car, we’re going to get constipated”

Bangkok has become the center of a dairy-driven storm as Burger King unveils its latest jaw-dropping creation: a lactose-intolerant’s nightmare called the “real cheeseburger.” This audacious invention features a burger bun that’s stuffed to the brim with a mind-boggling stack of up to 20 slices of tantalizing American cheese.

Amid much fanfare, the Thai franchise of the fast-food behemoth launched this cheesy masterpiece on Sunday, Priced at a wallet-friendly $3.10 for a limited time, this sensation has taken the Thai culinary scene by storm. It spread like wildfire across social media platforms, with TikTok users eagerly documenting their encounters with this dairy monstrosity.

Reports from a bustling Burger King outlet in Bangkok revealed that the demand was so intense that the management had to halt delivery orders temporarily to ensure they had enough stock to satisfy the ravenous hordes of cheese enthusiasts who descended upon their premises.

CNN recently covered this story and caught up with one customer, who confessed to trying the cheesy delight after succumbing to the irresistible allure of social media. Im Jeepetch, a 25-year-old IT engineer, confessed her love for cheese but admitted that the “real cheeseburger” pushed even her boundaries. “I could only manage to conquer half of it,” she admitted, dabbing her mouth with a tissue. “This burger is an absolute cheese overload. The magic lies in the perfect balance of flavors”.

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