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Distorted View Daily: 02/12/08

February 12, 20081 min read

Note: For some stupid reason, the correct show was not playing when I first posted this. I have no idea why. Anyways, I re-uploaded the program and I think it’s all fixed. Enjoy today’s show…finally. Oh, Sideshow members didnt have this know, you should sign up.

Hey Freaks!

Finally! What Distorted View has needed for a long time: More Richard Moll. Today’s Distorted View is an extended program for Sideshow members. Sign up now and get all the extra musty goodness.

On Today’s Show:

– The $10 Million Rapist

– Spam Killer!

– The Glorious Twins of Pigeon Forge

Voicemail: 206-666-4463
Podcast Alley: It’s a New Month! Hepl Get DV in the Top 10!

Listen To Today’s Show: Distorted View Daily: 02/12/08

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