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  • January 23, 2012By Tim

    Hey Freaks! Back to kick off a new week of shows. Enjoy the stupidity! Want bonus content and exclusive shows? Become a Sideshow member. On Today’s Show: – Caged Child Photoshoot! – Insuring Your Dig-n-Nuts – On the Toilet For 900 Days Listen To Streaming Episodes of DV: FRAKWENCY Sign up for the Sideshow with

  • September 21, 2009By Tim

    Hey Freaks! Enjoy the show! On Today’s Show: – Toilet Assault – Deer Penis Wine – INTERNAL Massage Sponsor: AdamEve.Com: Enter Code ÔÇ£FREAKÔÇØ For 50% + Free Shipping Have something you think I might like? Send it to the PO BOX! And YES: you can sign up for a yearly Sideshow membership by sending me

  • September 3, 2009By Tim

    Hey Freaks! Back for the first of two new shows! If you want to catch the second one, make sure to sign up for the Sideshow! On Today’s Show: – Bug Chasers Go International – Dropping Poops In Your Toilet – Viagra Boners In The Car Links: The Anti-Gym: No Chubbies! Sponsor: AdamEve.Com: Enter Code

  • August 24, 2009By Tim

    Hey Freaks! Sorry the show is being posted a little late today. Enjoy the show! On Today’s Show: – Seinfeld Ruins Another Life – The Virgin Mary Helps With Abortion – Old People Stuck To The Shitter Links: The Butt Fudge Sundae Show: Coming Soon To DV! Marilyn Monroe: Crypt Neighbor Have something you think