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December 8, 20042 min read

I know a lot of daily DV listeners have no idea what podcasting is, so I’m happy to spread the word and give you guys a crash course on this new technology!
In it’s simplest sense, podcasting is like having a blog. In fact, it is a blog. And in each post, there’s a link to an mp3 file. You can very easily just click on that link and download the mp3, so anyone surfing on in can listen. Not much different from any other website, right?
Here’s how podcasting is different. Using special software (a free download), you can “subscribe” to a podcast feed and every time a new show is available, the software will download it for you automatically. You can even have it load the new show into your mp3 player and listen on the go.
iPodder is a great piece of podcasting software. Here’s all you need to do to get DV Daily on to your system everyday:
1) Download and install the software by clicking here
2) Run the program
3) in the box labeled “Add Feed Manually”, type in the following: https://distortedview.com/index.xml
4) Click Add
There you go! You added Distorted View to your iPodder!
5) Just click “check selected feed” and the new shows will start downloading
You can also schedule specific times when ipodder should try to pull down new shows. You can have it download the shows while you sleep and in the morning you’ll have a fresh dose of DV 🙂
There are some great feeds out there: comedy shows, news, politics, techie shtuff, it’s all there! It’s like personalized radio. Very cool!
Right now there are some Best-Of Distorted View shows up. Tomorrow (Thursday Morning), a brand new episode of DV will be up! If you were a fan of the daily show, join us again for more fucked up news, plus the return of Lauren, the drunken rat, and maybe even Blind Christian Boy.
Spread the word, my twisted little freaks!

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