Distorted View Daily: 2/11/05

February 11, 20051 min read

It’s the big Friday show! Ok, it’s not much different from the other shows during the week. At any rate, enjoy the program! Don’t forget to E-mail me with your comments, questions, news of the weird, etc. If I read your mail on the show, you’ll be entered into the Great DV Extreme Makeover giveaway!*
On Today’s Show:
– Frozen Chickens In Flight!
– Hey! Where did that dudes testicle go?
– The Return of ass-squirt lady! Plus all the details to make your own inexpensive enema!
It’s all happening today on DV! Have a great weekend, freaks!
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* Giveaway includes African Pride Hair Relaxer, 5% off your next Standard Lady Brand Synthetic Hair Wig, and a one-year subscription to Botox Fancy magazine.

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