Distorted View Daily: 3/7/05

March 7, 20051 min read

Hey freaks! Hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been busy with DV. I updated the photo page with some new pictures of DV listeners. We also got a brand new voicemail line. Call us and leave some feedback: 206-66-OHGOD!
On Today’s Show:
– I host the program with a stale kaiser roll. It’s up on E-bay now, so you can own your very own stale Kaiser roll, too. It’s not a silicon breast or grilled cheese sandwich with the virgin Mary’s face burned into it but my kaiser roll is special, too.
– Nailguns and eyeballs!
– Impaled old people!
– Steak knives and headaches!
Confused? Listen to the podcast and all will be explained!
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