Distorted View Daily: 12/04/06

December 4, 20061 min read

Hey Freaks!
I forgot to talk about this on the show today, but guess who’s turning TWO later this week!? That’s right, The Distorted View Daily Podcast! How should we celebrate?
On Today’s Show:
– Spray on Baby-Juice Catcher
– The Christmas Poo Meets Muzak
– Christmas Pornaments!
Join the freaks in the live chatroom: irc.quakenet.org/distortedview
The Sideshow: DV’s Member Site: Keep me off the streets
Pornaments: Dick the Halls
Email: show@distortedview.com
Voicemail: 206-666-4463
Podcast Alley: New Month! Vote! Help End Gingivitis
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