Distorted View Daily: 10/13/08

October 13, 20081 min read

Hey Freaks!

Back to start a new week of DV. I’m working on Columbus Day. Can you believe this shit!? I can’t remember if most people get Columbus day off or it’s just the pussies at the bank and gub’ment. I take any chance I get to bitch about working, though…so jesus christ! Do you see what I do for you!? I work on national f’ing holidays! I just posted a video cast for sideshow freaks along with the extended show on friday and the upcoming bonus show tomorrow means it’s a GREAT time to sign up to the DV member site. Get extra content! Now!

On Today’s Show:

– Seahorse Buttplugs

– Shot In The Crotch (And You’re To Blame)

– Tranny Rambo


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