9 Best Moments From The Obama / My Little Pony Fanfic

September 4, 20136 min read

Naturally there is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic / Obama sex story out there. Dude, this is the Internet. It’s 5 chapters of romantic encounters between Barack and Princess Celestia, and I have to say, some of it is very disgusting.

I read a few portions of this story on Distorted View Daily. If you haven’t checked out the podcast, do that now!

Here are 9 of my favorite moments from the story (in chronological order)

1 – Celestia and Obama Get Freaky In The Garden

[jumbotron background=”#375d86″ color=”#FFFFFF”]He looked the unicorn in its eyes, and as he climaxed, the beast swallowed his cock to the base, and calmly drank his pent up semen as it pumped straight into its throat. Removing Barack’s cock from its mouth, a thin string of cum and spit hanging inbetween. The unicorn walked over to his face, nuzzled his mouth with her nose, and spoke softly.[/jumbotron]

2 – A Presidential Blumkin?

[jumbotron background=”#F7B7D3″ color=”#FFFFFF”]Celestia looked up at him, she had been nursing his dick with her mouth as he sat on the toilet.[/jumbotron]

3 – A Pony Riding Cowgirl

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Celestia placed her front hooves on his shoulders and stood over him, slowly lowering herself onto his penis as her magic continued to work. But as he felt the heat of her taint on the tip of his cock, and the wet walls of her privates began to close around his penis head, he shot his seed.[/jumbotron]

4 – The President’s Moment Of Clarity

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“I’m not stupid but, I’m dick deep in a magic horse right now. Even the best of us want to feel weak for a moment, do something they know is wrong. If no one finds out, and no one gets hurt, what’s the harm in that? ”


5 – The First Rim Job Scene

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He licks his way down, feints and draws his tongue up into her other hole. She gasps, as his tongue works in and out of her ass, tracing the rim of the hole and reaching in as deep as possible. He kisses it some more, then puts his lips on her flank, sucking on her meaty rump.


6 – Celestia Is A Peppermint Squirter

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Celestia’s legs quiver, she doesn’t bother trying to mute herself. Load moans of delight are ¬†punctured by squeals of ecstasy as she climbs to climax. She drips her minty juice on the bathroom rug.


7 – Raisin Balls

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Celestia bends down and puts his raisin sized privates in her mouth. She fits them between her lips and lets her tongue run over them. Obama shudders. Even though they were shrunk, he could feel her wet tongue and saliva slither over his balls like they were normal, like a phantom appendage. He feels his scrotum convulse and his penis squirt. She pulls away and sticks out her tongue and on it is a small white droplet which she swallows.


8 – The Second Rim Job Scene

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Lips pursed, eyebrows furrowed, her face is contorted in exertion. Her body shakes, and slowly from her ass hole, a drip of creamy white liquid begins to stream out. It lands in Baracks mouth, and instantly he begins to savour the warm chocolaty taste. It effortlessly slides down his throat, and into his stomach. The aroma of cocoa, mixed with a hint of cherry, and the natural minty musk of Celestia’s ass flood his nose. With every gulp he feels fuller, and as suddenly as it started; it had stopped. He traces his hand around his mouth and licks the last of the syrup off his fingers.


9 – Stains?

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He parts her tail gently messages her vagina; cleaning the little stains he had left in the morning. He dips his finger in the water and gently inserts it into her asshole. Celestia’s back arches in reaction but she doesn’t say a word. He twists his finger gently and pulls it out again. Barack turns on the shower head over the tub and rinses Celestia, her mane, and her tail.


You want more don’t you? Wander on over to the Friendship is Magic Fan Fiction website and read the whole thing.

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