The Pros And Cons Of A Ten Pound Penis

March 12, 20161 min read

On Today’s Distorted View Daily: 

Top Of The Show:

Tim’s on the lookout for a new careless fairy! No one can replace Roy Killer War, but there’s got to be some mess queenballs out there to amuse us.

Syrian refugees suffer EXTREME culture shock when they’re forced to stay at the same hotel that’s holding a furry convention. Mass confusion ensues.

Tim plays audio of extremely annoying twin sisters. Afterwards, he calls his own evil twin, Jimothy Henson, to see if they have special twin powers.

Awkward audio of bestiality insinuations on the local news.

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Pussy the punk rocker fucked his decapitated girlfriend’s head.

A man is living with a ten pound penis.

Masturbating a dolphin FOR SCIENCE.

Other Things:

A caller has a HUES OF GARBON moment at a half-way house

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