Gimps Gone Wild And So Has My Mom

March 18, 20162 min read

On Today’s Distorted View Daily:¬†

Top Of The Show:

Tim wonders why he and his siblings were all born within 30 days of one another, so he calls his mom to ask about her sex practices. Naturally he is horrified by the discussion.

A listener submitted a clip from the fetish site Gimp’s Gone Wild and despite it’s Geocities-like appearance, it seems to still be updated

Another listener submitted a link to a screaming/scatting performance art piece that is reminiscent of Yoko Ono. Check it out here!

As if that wasn’t enough torture, Tim plays audio of a girl toilet-brushing her privates, because, you know, INTERNET.

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

Another teacher is in trouble for saying the N-Word.

Weekend at Bernices! A man wheeled his dead mom to the bank to clean out her bank account.

An elementary teacher (in Florida, natch) has been fired for teaching while under the influence. She let all of her kids piss and shit in port-a-potty’s(?)

Other Things:

A listener has a birthday request: He wants Tim to sing Eiffel 65’s Blue.

More discussions on the voicemail regarding loose meat sandwiches, Tim’s sexuality, etc etc.

The shows have been creeping in length, so Tim’s going to try and reel it back in so they clock in around 30 minutes (today’s is about 40 minutes)


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