Where Did Granny Stick That Hotdog?

March 20, 20161 min read

On Today’s Distorted View Daily: 

Top Of The Show:

We all know Florida is our most fucked up state, so it stands to reasons that their court hearings must be INSANE. Tim has clips from various hearings that support this theory.

Remember that bad gay porn acting clip Tim played awhile ago? The one with the guy with a speech impediment who was raped (waped) by the construction man? He’s BAAAACK!

One of the most horrifying granny trannies I’ve ever featured is back sticking a condom-wrapped hotdog in her “lady” parts.

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

There’s a woman out there who keeps losing teeth when she sneezes. She’s British so the comedy just writes itself.

Hey look! Florida is in the news. Synthetic Marijuana (spice) use is on the rise. It makes you either freak the fuck out or end up in a zombie-like state

A new camera make you look like you’ve had cosmetic surgery. As if we needed an easier way for the uglies to trick us on Tinder.

Other Things:

A listener reminds me what Catnip & Klonopin means

A lady freak calls in to talk about her child with a jacked up penis.

My succeed / seceded theory is pretty rock solid. The South just got confused.

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