The Mentally Handicapped Sing Karaoke

March 22, 20161 min read

Top Of The Show:

Teisha is on the phone and she is PISSED. Here’s another call.

A tiny Public Access TV station has the best/worst show ever! KaraokeTV features awful singers including the mentally slow. A++++ Thumbs UP!

Tim has a genuine concern for the safety of gay male porn actors: gagging on all that man meat might cause health issues, right?

Apple Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

If your option is to have a threesome or be set on fire, always go with the threesome. Always.

Trying to buy a $60,000 car with food stamps. Guess which state this went down in?

Third world washing machines aren’t safe. They will explode and kill the elderly.

Other Things:

According to the feedback, I guess Distorted View listeners are big fans of Dr. Seuss

A female listener finds Patrick Mitchell’s sha-gag-ne-ians to be hilarious

Another divorced listener wants advice.

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