Fecal Curry Chicken

April 13, 20161 min read

Top Of The Show:

I try and get you freaks riled up and ready to vote for the show over there at the Podcast Awards.

Caitlyn Jenner took orgasm-sound classes. I’ve got the audio. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT!?

Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A chef was fined for wiping his ass with his hands. His bare hands. No toilet paper.

A man loaded his squirt gun with semen and went on a shooting spree. Sex crime? Or is he just an asshole? Bonus: Video

A man went on a naked self-pleasuring spree. When we has caught he blamed it on his love for music and drugs.

Other Things:

I am helping to raise Halley’s Comets kid. Scary thought, huh?

Band instructors are all sex offenders. Period.

Maybe you freaks should not be spreading the distortion. You do it so very badly

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