Danica Patrick And The Greasy Chicken Leg

April 11, 20161 min read

Top Of The Show:

A few days ago, I reviewed Fuller House for April Fools’ Day. One of my inappropriate jokes may just get back to the cast.

Youtard Rain is going to make a pussy wig out of her old dread-lock hair. The smell! THINK OF THE SMELL.

Today’s sextastic tuesday story involved a Sega character, Danica Patrick, and some hot, greasy KFC chicken action.

Apple Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A baby was killed by ants. Like, the smallest possible insect possible. Stupid baby.

Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert liked to sit back in his La-Z-Boy and watch teenage boys shower.

Another super sensitive pussy got offended by a joke, this time at Starbucks.

Other Things:

A caller has done some scientific dick research in Japan. Japanese girls love circumcised guys. It’s fact.

Lebaron has some hardcore furry drawings on his tumblr. YIFFtastic Tuesday.

I get a lesson on My Little Pony sex slang

A listener calls in with his shit story.

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