Distorted View Limited Time $50 Yearly Sideshow Deal

May 15, 20161 min read

Here’s The Deal:

You like (maybe love) Distorted View Daily but you need to feel like you’re getting a DEAL before you pull the trigger and become a true and honorable freak.

I’ve got the deal for you, but you’ve got to act quick.

$50 for an entire year of DV and Sideshow content. Lock that rate in, and you’ll never have to pay more. You’ll have that yearly re-curring rate of $50.

It’s 25% off the normal yearly price.

It works out to just over $4 a month.

Just think: it’s less than a fast food combo meal, less than a Starbucks latte, less than just about ANYTHING worth ANYTHING.

You’ll only find this offer at this web address: DEAL.SUPERFREAKSIDESHOW.COM


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