Shits and Giggles And Dogs (Oh God)

April 27, 20181 min read

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On Today’s Show:

2:57 – A Chris Chan update: he’s now a transgendered bi-sexual woman

5:34 – A Whitney Wisconsin update. She’s the dog-sex loving vlogger that got into a little legal trouble. I have new (disgusting) audio from her.

11:14 – As if the last bit wasn’t disgusting enough, I’ve got a shit-loving, giggling fatty to share with you.

16:30 – A bouncer in the UK kicked out a racist drunk bitch.

The News:

20:24 – An underage rape victim was told by police that she needed to pick up the used condom that was used on her. As a memento?

24:08 – Fragile college students now have a “cry closet” to weep in.

27:31 – Chopsticks get suck in mans penis. It wasn’t a sex thing, guys. Just a couple of drunk friends having some fun.

30:20 – Voicemails!

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