Crude Summer Episode 10: The Blowfly Girl Trilogy – Maggots And Trash

September 22, 201958 min read

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Welcome To Distorted View’s Crude Summer!

Each week we will take a dip into DV’s pool of disgusting, poorly written, and just weird erotic fan fiction/ sex stories that have been featured over the past 15 years of the podcast. I originally read these stories to you during a segment called Sextastic Tuesday, which aired just about every week (on Tuesday’s, naturally) and creeped out a generation of freaks. Every weekend this summer we will relive some of these abominations.

This week: Some of the nastiest erotica I’ve ever read was from the personal blog of someone known as Blow Fly Girl. She revealed her bizarre fetish for maggots and garbage on her Blogger journal. Through the years, she’s updated the reader with a few new stories, and every time, DV is there to cover it. Today, the complete Blowfly Girl trilogy of stories.


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Hastily AI’ed Transcription Of Today’s Show:

One of the most disgusting sagas we’ve ever covered here on DV is that a blow fly girl, a young woman who has a maggot fetish chronicled in an online journal spanning years. These supposedly real life stories produce not one, not two, but three amazingly grotesque erotic tales, and today we’re going to relive all of them. Crude Summer starts in just a moment. Distorted view’s Crude Summer is brought to you by AdamAndEve.com the sex toy superstore with that old timey mom and pop store charm. Look, your local erotic boutique is fine. They’ve got some movies, some generic toys, it works when you’re in a pinch, and you just need something in your butt right away and you don’t mind paying a little more but if you want access to over 20,000 adult items at an amazing price, check out Adam and Eve calm. 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It’ll tighten up even the most stubborn worn out puts the whole I’m guessing I don’t know. use promo code FREAK on an item like that and get 10 free gifts including free shipping. That’s promo code freak F-R-E-A-K at AdamAndEve.com All right, here we go. Sunday was warm and sunny. Just how I always fantasized it would be when I finally went through with it went through with what? something sexy. I started walking to the dumpster again. Is camping good. Yes. I started walking through the dumpster again. I think about two. Yeah. And I was really excited and nervous. I felt butterflies in my tummy. Just Just anticipating what I was about to do the dumpsters in the alley behind a restaurant near my house. It gets emptied on Tuesdays. So by Sunday, it’s pretty stinky and flies are buzzing around. Which means there are things rotting inside there and it’s just perfect for me. What does that mean? A few times in the past I climbed into the dumpster and masturbated. Nothing too intense. Most I’d ever done was taking my pants off and humping the dirty garbage bags. And one time I laid there with my legs spread watching the fly and land on me. Wow, that’s that’s hot, isn’t it? So anyways, I walked down to the alley to the dumpster. And as usual, I made sure nobody was around just to be extra careful. You have to go behind a tall wooden fence to even see the dumpster and the restaurant is closed on Sunday. Anyway, so I knew I wouldn’t be noticed. But this time, there’s no way I would be disturbed. I climbed up and over the side and onto my hands and knees into the massive plastic garbage bags and other miscellaneous rubbish. The bags felt warm from the sun. The smell in there was extremely foul, much worse than usual. And I knew it was because of my rotting meat. I sat and tried to get myself to relax for a few minutes. Take a deep breath on I there was no reason to hurry. When I was ready. I calmly took off my sandals, my jeans than my panties. Both pairs. I was wearing two pairs of tight panties with a bunch of why would you wear two pairs of panties, two pairs of pants with a bunch of my panty liners in the crotch which keeps anything in my vagina from coming out when I move around. But I was going all the way this time, so I went ahead and got completely naked. I don’t quite understand what’s going on here. That was a weird feeling being totally nude inside a dumpster. It seemed very ironic to me. The sun felt warm on my skin, especially my boobs, which pretty much never see the sun. I took a pair of rubber kitchen gloves out of my pants pocket and put them on. Here’s the thing. We can pretty much guess what this is going to do. Right? She’s going to masturbate with garbage. She’s going to be shoving pieces of garbage in her current. Why bother putting rubber kitchen gloves on? All of a sudden you’re worried about sanitation. There was no way I could bring myself to actually touch a magnet with my bare hands. Yeah, now we’re bringing maggots into the mix. I was already wet I knew I would be the sensation of the rubber gloves against my clip felt unusual and I kind of liked it. I got on my hands and knees and crawl to the other side of the dumpster. I sat down next to my garbage bag, gently picked it up and placed it in front of me. The terrible smell was already strong. Carefully I tore the bag open. And there they were. There had to be thousands of maggots kind of beige jello with little black spots on them. Oh, I couldn’t even see the rotting meat beneath them. dozens more maggots clung to the inside of the black plastic which was coated with a thick light brown slime. Oh, it was such a repulsive site. I thought I was going to throw up right there. But I didn’t. I took a few minutes to get control of myself. fingering my clip while staring at the maggots trying to work up the courage to continue no bad idea. Turn around. Don’t look back. Got to be the worst idea ever. Alright, I scooped up some of the slime on my gloved fingers and brought it to my nose. I knew what it was from the reading I’d done before it was digestive juices from the maggots full of bacteria. And it smelled just horrible. I thought to myself, that’s what I’m going to smell like. That’s the stench that’s going to come from my vagina. I want that I thought spreading my legs wide apart. I dragged myself slimy finger between my pussy lips might clip felt like a hard little pebble beneath the slide. I didn’t want to come right then though and I was still right on the edge of gagging too. But I knew there was no turning back now. Never Say Never turn around. Come on. Just say I chicken out and I decided to go home and boil my vagina and hot water. The end. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning my freaks. The maggots felt like nothing I’d experienced before. They felt so alive. I was fascinated and nauseated at the same time. Oddly enough. That’s how the majority of people who see me naked feel fascinated and nauseated. Same time. Seeing my fingers into the mass I felt the solid meat beneath. Gently breaking it apart, I could see that the meat had turned gray except for the very center which was still pink and that the maggots had penetrated into it, but not too deeply yet. There was still plenty of food for my filthy little babies. The maggot lady. I broke off a small chunk of meat that was covered on one side with maggots and held it for a moment. While I fought back another urge to vomit. It was finally time I thought I lean forward and holding my pussy lips apart with one hand, I gritted my teeth and pushed the maggot covered chunk of meat into my vagina. And then totally without expecting it. I had an orgasm, a quick sharp one that only made me want more. I’m sorry that deserves a round of applause. Woman just slid maggots into our policy. Excuse me, let me correct that. She slid rotting meat into her policy, which was covered with maggots. Back to the story here. I started pushing bigger chunks of meat and maggots and even handfuls of just maggots into me over and over. I was practically hyperventilating to I wasn’t thinking of all about the noise I must have been making. But now I could definitely feel the maggots squirming inside my vagina. Just the idea of it made me come again. Finally, once I crammed all of the rotten meat and all of the maggots I could fit inside me I felt so filthy so disgusting. Like I turned myself into some low depraved sort of beast, right on the money. Ding ding ding. We all feel that way about you. And that made me so incredibly hot together with the constant movements of the maggots inside of me. But it was time to go. holding my hand over my crotch. I slowly crawled back into my clothes and managed to get dressed again without anything coming out. She’s leaving the meat and maggots inside of her pussy. One of the greatest ecstatic Tuesday stories ever. I put the gloves back into my pocket and climbed out of the dumpster. She’s keeping the rubber gloves. I mean really throw them away. That’s disgusting. You’re in a fucking dumpster. Just leave them there is a dumpster holding myself up against the side of the dumpster. I threw up ever vomited while you were horny? It’s weird. Okay, walking home down the alley. I felt like I was in a daze I kept asking myself how I could have done this to myself, but then asking why I waited so long. Once I was home, I locked myself in the bedroom took off my clothes except for my double panties and got into bed. I closed my eyes and just let myself feel the maggot squirming inside of me. For a while I tried to watch TV but I couldn’t really pay attention to it. The maggots were too wonderfully distracting. I skipped dinner. Later on when I really had to pee. I did it by taking down my panties and holding my hand over my crotch wearing the rubber gloves. Of course, those rubber gloves come in handy. I served the web for a while that night and looked at porn. I came a few more times. I decided to go ahead and take a shit in my bed right? Why was course Let’s bring Scott into the picture. That just made me more turned on and I ended up smearing some of my shit over my thighs and my pussy and coming again. I noticed that the maggots started coming out a bit. Maybe they liked the shit. A couple times one would creep up on my belly. Oh, I just flick it back down between my legs. For the most part, I slept through the night but I kept waking up sweating with my vagina throbbing worse. I knew I was getting a bad infection from this but I didn’t care. other girls have babies but I give birth to decay and fill the start of us new tagline giving birth to decay and fail. Or I’d say I’m probably ruining my womb and I don’t care. I want it to be ruined. I know I must have been hallucinating from the infection. I was hoping the maggots had given up on the rotten meat and were eating my vagina instead. Finally, it was Tuesday morning and sunlight made me wake up. I knew I was really really sick at that point, pulled the blankets aside and saw that I really did have maggots crawling all over my body. I was so whacked out. I loved it. But I also saw that I had a rash burning over my tummy and byes and I was soaked with sweat. And suddenly I needed to see what it looked like between my thighs I posted was totally gape wide open. I’d never seen anything like it before. It reminded me of a mouth in a sick gagging expression. My inner lips were swollen and dark purple almost black, while my outer lips were cherry red and I was losing a layer of dead skin like a sunburn a man a stream of the light brown slime was oozing from inside my vagina and down my butt crack onto the shitty mattress. Although I could still feel a large mass of maggots and rotten meat inside me. They were maggots everywhere between my legs, hundreds of them and then I saw my fingers on my posting. They plunged deep into my vagina and dragged out a lot of slime and maggots which I press hard against my clip. I remember having a huge orgasm right then and I must have passed out. I think I was sobbing too but I’m not sure that’s all I remember until I woke up in the hospital. All right about that later. VN one blow fly story down to two go. Are you guys holding up? Okay? It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. So that story was read back in 2006 few years later in 2008 we revisit blow fly girl. Why? Because we’re just we’re just sick people just gluttons for punishment. Enjoy this second helping of dumpster diving for maggots. I masturbated with maggots again, I really did it again. I know I kept telling everyone that I would do it again if I ever got the courage. But the honest truth is I was hoping the urge would just go away. Fortunately, I’m all right. I didn’t get sick. And of course I totally loved it. I was driving home from Sheboygan on Sunday over the Labor Day weekend. I have family there in Sheboygan has a carnival festival thing during labor day. So I was driving on a highway past farms and cornfields and cut a strong with have something to KO know. I can already tell where this story’s going. And I can’t wait to get there. Yes, I know that smell. It got my imagination going. I got curious and against my better judgment as usual. I got off at the next exit to turn around. I found the smell again pretty easily and stopped on the shoulder. The wind was coming towards me from the other side of the highway. So I knew the smell was coming from across the highway. I kept thinking that I should just keep driving and forget about it. But I paid no attention to my cautious side. I just wanted to look at whatever it was anyway. Pretty soon I found what I was looking for in a thick group of trees and bushes next to a billboard bordering the edge of a cornfield. I found a very big, very dead deer. My heart immediately started pounding. I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t get horny but I couldn’t help it. I stood right next to the deer and rub myself through my jeans as I stared at it. The deer is for was gone in parts and its skin was brown, gray and green and had a shiny oily look. Flies were landing on it and buzzing all around. Well of course who wouldn’t get horny looking at a green shiny oily dead deer with flies buzzing all around it. Sexy it’s sexy time. All right, there were a lot of whitish maggots squirming in the deers eyes mouth and by his but I could also see through a hole in his belly that had a huge maggot mass. This the smell was so horrible. I wasn’t sure I could stand it for very long without wanting to throw up. Then I got the idea that I really wanted to sit down and masturbate while looking at the deer and for some reason I decided that I needed to get a beach blanket out of my backpack to sit on. So this is a girl who masturbated with maggots. And she’s she doesn’t want to sit on the ground. Money rose on the way back I realized then that I’d failed. I hadn’t changed hadn’t gotten past losing control of myself hadn’t learned a thing and right then I decided I didn’t care that a girl. Thank God. I felt heat between my legs and butterflies in my tummy. Be sure those aren’t some leftover wayward maggots from your last sexual experience. I got close to the deer again and my legs felt rubbery and weak. I was so incredibly horny. So my beach blanket wet and down next to the deer and I took off all my clothes. I don’t remember if I had thought to look around for any people or anything I probably did but I felt like in the trees and bushes. I was pretty secluded. I stood next to the deer again naked this time squeezing my thighs together and tweaking my nips, feeling the flies landing and crawling on my body just like on the deer like that. just staring at the maggot mass through the hole in the deer’s belly. I remember that my camera was in the backpack and thought I might take a picture but then thought better of it. Anyway, I really wanted to see more of the maggots got a girl but the whole wasn’t large enough. I wondered if I could make it bigger but that would mean touching the carcass. Did I just give myself an excuse to touch the rotting body? Yes you did you sick fuck. I’d already failed myself and I was now naked what the decaying animal so why stop now. I like the way this bitch things I know down and touch the pale skin with two fingers. It felt cool and very thin but still like skin. The edge of the hole in his belly was colored darker. And as I ran my fingers along it It seemed very taut. I thought if I tugged a little on the edge of the hole I could make it bigger. But when I tried the deers home belly split open just all at once. That totally startled me and I kind of fell back onto my butt on the blanket. But now where the deer had come open I could see the mass of thousands of thousands of maggots. I was mesmerized staring with my fingers sneaking down between the lips of my vagina. I thought okay, now I do want the camera. I took a few pictures of the dear some with me and I’m using the remote and then I lost interest. Even with the flash most of the ones I took while holding the camera were out of focus. kneeling again next to the dear I let my fingers sink into the huge maggot mass his belly had become I was aware that I had no idea if these were blow fly maggots or a different kind that might bite me right then I didn’t care. The risks didn’t matter to me anymore. The maggots felt just like I’d remember them. It’s all full of energy squirming and twisting and warmer than the carcass to I noticed my heart pounding again. I hadn’t been this for a long time since that fateful day in a dumpster, gently pulling my hand away. I stared at the thick, horrible smelling light brown fluid coating my fingers and the moving maggots that clung to them and then close my eyes and sunk my fingers into my vagina. It’s all over. I thought no more fooling myself. I’m still as sick and perverted and disgusting as I ever was just the way I wanted to be all along. My vagina felt burning hot and very wet. I fucked myself with two fingers. I was doing it really hard and I could tell I was crushing some of the maggots in the process. But I didn’t care. I wanted to take it further fill myself like I done before. I knew I shouldn’t do that. But as if I was daring myself, I threw one leg over the carcass and knelt over it. I let my hand sink into the maggot mass and exploring past them. I felt the slimy decaying guts of the deer. Are you guys enjoyed this story as much as I am. My heart is just full of happiness right now. All right back to the story. But the maggots I thought I have to have them in me. I felt a few letter in my tummy again just thinking of it. I wondered if I was really such a disgusting perverted pig that I would allow it to happen again. Yes, I was still kneeling over the corpse I started scooping handfuls of maggots and pushing them inside my vagina. The feeling made me shudder again. Most of the maggots slid between my fingers instead of going inside me but I kept doing it mashing some in the process. I could feel that I was getting at least some of the maggots into my pussy with each handful. So I kept going, feeling the start of a big orgasm building in my tummy. It was very close and then all of a sudden I couldn’t resist ignoring the voice in the back of my head screaming at me to stop I slowly sat down allowing my crotch to sink into the maggot mass. I took a quick breath. kind of surprised that I’d really done it. It was just like i’d fantasized. I froze completely stopping for a moment and felt the maggots frantic squirming against my thighs my button all over my pussy. And right then my orgasm hit me and it was really really huge. The kind that makes me shake all over and nearly stopped breathing. My hands went to my boobs smearing maggots and the greasy filth of the KL over my chest. And then I went completely out of control. grabbing my nipples in my fist I started humping the carcass, grinding my pussy as hard as I can into the rotting guts and whatever else was beneath the maggots and then I lean back and stuff more maggots into my throbbing vagina. Then back and forth, more humping and more maggots. Finally, just as a second equally strong orgasm washed over me. I flopped forward into the carcass with my belly in my boobs with my eyes squeeze shut. I kept pumping it really hard until the orgasm subsided. Yes, absolutely more more. Fantastic. Just love the thought of her like so fucking corny that she has to straddle the carcass of a dead deer and gyrate over its huge maggot hole. All right, I just laid there on the carcass panting feeling the maggots below and all around me flies buzzing above me landing and crawling all over my back and my but my legs. Look at me. I thought this is what I’ve become. This is who I am and I can’t control it. As much as I’ve tried naked lying in the open belly of a rotting deer carcass, my vagina filled with maggots, and I’m in the afterglow from a couple of the strongest orgasms. I’ve had an agent’s typical distorted view listener, I started a sob. It was a very confusing jumble of emotions all at once. Realizing that I’ll never stop wanting to do these things to myself seemed almost like being told I had an incurable disease disappointed Well, you probably have a few at this point, disappointed in myself or failing to control my sick repulsive desires and a feeling of relief knowing I can just give in to the urges now. After a couple couple of minutes of being psycho and catching my breath. I started worrying about getting sick Finally, and decided I should get home as quick as I could to wash picking myself up from the carcass. It looked like i’d killed a lot of maggots, but thousands were still moving to my whole front sight from my neck to my thighs were covered in slim maggots dirt and bits of decayed dear guts. She looks like an angel wonder she was homecoming queen in our high school. All right. He is I white myself down as well as I could with the bleach beach blanket. I managed to get dressed again holding my hand over my pussy when I had to lift a leg. I didn’t want to let the maggots out of my pussy just yet. I could still still fill them and I liked it kind of like a souvenir at least until I got home and into the shower. Some of them oozed out into my panties when I got in the car. I was still so sensitive down there tickled. So I’m okay now I didn’t get any nasty infections like last time. Right now. I’m still kind of scared of myself. Whatever sickness it is that I have that makes me want to do these things to myself. I’ve given up trying to fight it. Nothing makes me more horny and come harder than taking myself to the lowest filthiest most perverse I can get. I wish I could say we’re done but blood fly girl has one more story in her. I don’t know how she could fit anything up in there with all that trash and maggots. But she does. She’s got one more story is originally aired in 2013 I believe and it really shows that bloke like girl has grown a bit. She knows that. Sticking maggots in her pussy will probably make her sick. So she just sticks to garbage. It was just getting light out Monday morning when I started driving home from work. It was overcast and gray and wet and my mind was mostly on getting some sleep. But as I drove I also began thinking about how bored I was. I really have been bored. Well on the spur of the moment. I decided to go have some fun. No idea what but it’s been way too long since I’ve had any I had all day I got on the Eisenhower and started heading west traffic was already slow and I wondered if I’d made a mistake. But soon I was on I 88 which was clear randomly. I exited on RT 59 by Aurora kept driving and started looking around for something interesting. All of a sudden, I was at Fox Valley Mall. I hadn’t been there and years. There’s a road that rings the parking lot outside the mall. I drove slowly along the road circling the mall a couple of times hoping something would catch my eye and wondering what kind of fun I can make for myself outside a mall that isn’t even open yet. There’s a Greek restaurant on the west side of the mall. It has its own building and its own parking lot. The lot was empty. I drove around the back of the restaurant and saw wouldn’t enclosure where they keep their dumpster. Her old friend the dumpster. It was a pretty big enclosure for just a dumpster. I stopped and got out of the car and took a look. Well this could be interesting. There were four dumpsters in the enclosure to for oil and grease, one for garbage and one for recyclables. I like dumpsters. This whole enclosure is filthy. little bits of garbage are all over the asphalt pavement. There’s a shovel a great plastic garbage can a stack of bricks, some firewood. That’s all that stuff’s going in. Or can I just know it? I’m so excited. I wanted to play in the garbage. I’ve known for a long time that I can’t keep pretending that I’ve changed. I don’t do horrible things to myself anymore. I had to do something to make myself feel real again. Most girls just cut themselves ready to slit their wrists because it’s the only thing that feels real. Apparently you know what else feels real? sticking garbage up your posse. All right, I got undressed, dropping my clothes on top of the stack of bricks, which seemed like the ones relatively Oh the one relatively clean spot inside the enclosure. I probably didn’t need to be totally naked, but I did it anyway. It was still chilly out in the wet asphalt felt cold under my bare feet. The biggest dumpster a blue one with two black plastic lids caught my attention first. This was the one for regular garbage. I lifted one of the LEDs and looked inside and saw only black for a moment until my eyes adjusted. It was empty. Ah, disappointed I quietly close the lid. There was a little black dirt on my hands I smeared it across my breast just to feel dirty. Another smaller dumpster was for grace and had just one lead. There was whitish gray and light brown grease congealed all around the edge of the lid with little bits of probably old food caked in it. It looks so awful. I leaned forward and smeared my boobs into the grease. It felt rough and uncomfortable at first against my sensitive nipples, but it was also slippery and it smelled bad. I like having it on my boobs. I wonder what was inside the dumpster lifting the lid I found on a plastic grid across the opening I guess to keep large things from falling inside. And below that it was dark. I couldn’t tell how much Grace was inside. But the grid itself was caked in the same brown and gray crust of congealed grease. I ran my fingers along part of the grid. gobs of the grease came off in my hand I squeezed feeling it is between my fingers. It had a sharp sour smell to it so disgusting. I brought my hand down between my legs and press the grease against my lips. It felt so nasty, but so good. At the same time smearing the grease between my only apps with my middle finger. I thought yeah, my poor pussies waited so long to get what it deserves. Finally some abuse. I managed to cover most of my front body with the grease and ended up leaning against the greasy dumpster playing with my clip. I was incredibly horny for the first time in a long time. I wish that the garbage dumpster hadn’t been empty. That’s what I noticed that great plastic garbage can again well it was worth a look. It turns out to be the jackpot. The can was about half full of discarded food. I could see pieces of vegetable meat noodles, rice peels, mussel shells, all sorts of stuff mixed together with wet us napkins and us draws. I could tell immediately a scrape off people’s plates into this can. It smelled really bad I wanted it I pushed the garbage can over got on my hands and knees and started pulling the mess of discarded food out onto the filthy pavement in front of the dumpsters. I think I’m right that this was scraped off people’s plates. But there also seemed to be scraps from the kitchen to the garbage a little deeper down. It’s darker and more brown. I decided it must be older than what’s on top. So that’s what I really wanted. I practically had my head in the canvas I scooped out garbage from deep inside. I noticed myself breathing hard. I hadn’t been this excited a long time. I sat down right in the middle of the mess scooped up by a handful of it and pressed it against my vagina. It felt cold and gross, but I didn’t care. At least some of it wet inside me. I was really wet already but the grease helped it go in. This is what I want it I thought to myself naked sitting in a pile of garbage and masturbating with it. My heart is pounding and I feel alive. I can get so sick from this but that just makes me more excited. There’s a beer bottle in the pile. I pull it out and set it aside some grayish lumps of something I think it’s fat, and I push it into my vagina along with wilted mushy greens and some rice. They must serve a lot of rice because it’s everywhere. A long black and silver strip of skin from a fish. It really smelled putrid. I pushed that inside me to her vagina is like a trash compactor. This is what my body is for I think was that a question? Is this what my body likes? Maybe she’s just really clueless. She doesn’t know what a post eSports Alright, this is what my vagina is for making me feel like this. Why did I try to avoid it for so long. My vagina felt full but I wanted to keep going. I thought of pushing it all out and starting over but I noticed the beer bottle again. I picked up the bottle and rolled myself onto my side holding the bottle by the neck with both hands. I pushed the large end of it into me. I close my legs and push harder on the bottle. It made me come right then in there really hard with the bottle working like a plunger pushing the garbage deeper inside me and spreading it around to make room for more. I wasn’t even done coming when I sat back up and pulled the beer bottle out and went right back to stuffing up my vagina. I noticed a brownish gray water gristle someone had chewed and spit out onto their plate. Lucky for me, I thought I shoved it inside me. I found an octopus technical. Eggplant peels, all of pizza chicken bone, some Kleenex, shrimp tails, it all went right up inside me until nothing else would go in. I use the beer bottle as a plunger again. Just like before I suddenly began to orgasm. This time I was coming because I was so full of hurt. I like that. Yeah, you come You little bench when you’re full of hurt and hurt more when I push on the bottle. I needed to take as much garbage as I could inside my vagina. So I kept pushing it in anyway, I caught myself grappling through my teeth from the effort of pushing so hard. By now i’d stuffed myself with as much stinking disgusting garbage as was as would fit and my vagina was stretched as far as it could go. I was wet and filthy all over and shivering from the cold. I stood up as carefully as I could so none of my garbage would come out of my current. But there was no way I could put my clothes back on this way, peeked out between the wooden doors to the enclosure. Seeing nobody I grabbed my clothes and shuffled, bent over back to my car as quickly as I could. My vagina ate so much. I couldn’t stand up straight. It felt like I had a huge heavy ball inside of me. inside the car. I bought up my jeans and put them under my crotch so nothing would come out while I sat throwing on my hooded sweatshirt. Oh, she’s into hoodies. A woman after my own heart. All right, I started the car and got away with the heater at full blast. Oh, that heat blasting warming up all that garbage in her car. Oh, that car’s got a stink. Getting from the car into my apartment was a struggle. But fortunately, there wasn’t much chance I’d be seen unless one of my neighbors stayed home from work or something. I went straight to my bedroom and pulled on three pairs of really tight panties. That’s to keep the garbage in in case or pussies, with the structure to puke. Nothing comes out of me when I wear them like that. So I sat down on my bed and I felt a lump inside of me. I loved how it felt. It’s garbage and I deserve to have it in me. It’s disgusting and perverse. But at least I don’t feel dead like I usually do. I wondered if I should keep it inside me carrying the garbage around inside my vagina for a while, maybe even for a couple of days, even if it makes me sick, but no bad idea. I learned from the maggots. Instead, I took out one of my vibrators and played it against my clip while I pushed the whole mess out of me on this and paper towels. I got to come again. The garbage is now in a sealed plastic container under the sink. I think I’m going to let it rot for a while and then see what I can do with it. I also need to have my car’s interior cleaned. I wasted a lot of time denying myself. It’s been way more than a year since I did anything like this. I kept thinking it was my depression that made me want to do things to myself. And then if I succumb to the desire, I’d end up backsliding again losing my job and everything I’ve worked so hard for. And yes, I’m really scared of that ever happening. But maybe I don’t have to be dead inside all of the time. I went to work last night and everything’s fine. Maybe I’m depraved. Maybe I’m a filthy pig who can also manage to hold the job. There’s there’s some light at the end of the tunnel here is silver lining if you will. I like how the series of stories ended on a quasi positive note. Black Girls blogger account is still semi active. The last post was from 2017 there are no vomit inducing stories, just tiny updates to say that she’s still alive. I continue to monitor the account if there ever is a new tale of stuffing bugs Greece and chicken bones up a twat. You’ll hear it on distorted view daily first. Well we find ourselves at the end of summer and the leaves are turning color and falling pumpkin spice is everywhere. And there’s probably already been a bunch of school shootings. Nothing smells more like autumn than the fear of elementary school kids. That all means this is the last episode of summer It has been an honor and a privilege sharing disgusting sex stories with you all summer long. If you like what you heard, make sure to continue to listen to the store to view daily new episodes are posted Monday through Friday and support the show. There’s a couple ways to do that. We’ve got a Patreon account patreon.com slash distorted view. And if you really like what you hear become a true and honorable freak over there at super freak sideshow calm get access to the entire archive. Over 3000 shows plus every week we do exclusive programs. just preparing members. Superfreaksideshow.com Again thank you so much for hanging out with me on the weekend for the past 10 weeks here on crude summer. Be back on Monday to start a new week of the sort of dailies until then bye everybody. Just a quick final reminder, DVDs current summer is brought to you by AdamAndEve.com for a limited time get 50% off just about any item plus a bunch of free stuff a little something for him something for her and a third item you’ll both enjoy plus six free movies and free shipping on your entire order. Just remember to use coupon code freak FREAK at AdamAndEve.com

“Lobby Time” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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