How To Pass A Human Drug Test With Dog Pee

January 16, 20241 min read

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00:00:00 Introduction
01:50:20 Pubic Lice Outbreak At The Disabled Kids Summer Camp
09:10:06 Youtard Tamir Makes A Rather Disturbing Sexual Confession
16:34:22 Gucci Granny Raps Her Support For Trump
19:02:21 Livestreamer Vs. Gambling Website Blackjack Dealer
22:07:17 Released Video Of Onlyfan Camgirl Accused Of Murder
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28:18:21 Trying To Pass A Drug Test With Dog Urine
32:49:08 The Eunuch Maker And Nipple Slicer Get Their Day In Court
36:55:03 When Your Deceased Loved One Shows Up Sans-Organs
40:43:08Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending
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