Please, No Yodeling On A First Date

February 6, 20241 min read

On Today’s Show-

00:00:00AdamEve.Com Valentines Day Promo Code “FREAK” 50% Off And So Much More!
03:31:01 A Not Great Way To Celebrate Black History Month
08:51:03 Meade’s Online Dating Misadventures
20:51:07 Baby Andy Can’t Wipe Properly And Wants To Talk About It
24:23:16 Tornado Freak Out
26:01:00 Poo Fingerpainter Looking For Love
30:38:24 Become A Distorted View Sideshow Member
32:39:15 Judge Loves The Law And Her Titties
36:09:07 People Keep Falling Into Garbage Trucks
39:23:21 Shot For Using The Wrong Restroom
41:46:09Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending
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