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  • September 11, 2009By Tim

    Hey Freaks! I’m back to end the week with the Friday program! Yes, it’s the anniversary of 9/11 so if you’re overly sensitive about that stuff, you may want to skip this episode. Otherwise, enjoy! On Today’s Show: – Groin Kicks: $5.00 – ‘Ol Syrup Face – Hooking Up With The Child You Gave Up

  • July 23, 2009By Tim

    Hey Freaks! Enjoy the show! Sideshow freaks will be getting a videocast, so if you’re not a member, sign up now! On Today’s Show: – Fired For Marrying A Whore – Hammerheads In The Pooper – White Hot Streams of Stickiness Links: DV On Youtube: Watch and Subscribe Follow My Stupid Ass: Distorted View On