Distorted View Daily: 12/29/04

January 2, 20051 min read

Hey freaks,
Ok, I’ve been a bad, bad host. I took my hosting responsibilites and pissed on them like an angry monkey. I didn’t really produce a lot of new shows for you last week, but I have been busy behind the scenes. A re-designed DV Daily site is in the works and should be up in the next week.
I did record a brand show last Wednesday but I couldn’t get it online because I was….well, I was probably drunk. We started the New Year celebration a wee-bit early here at Distorted View. So here it is! It may be old, but it’s New-To-You(tm).
On the show:
-What did you say? A driving dog!? A news story so retarded, it’s worthy of a prime spot on America’s Funniest Home Video.
-An old woman beat up her 88 year old husband
-Setting your parents house on fire because you didn’t get a Furby for Christmas…or whatever the hot present is this year…mechanical pencils..or whatever.
-Finally, porn on Christmas Day! Everytime a slut gets gang-banged, an angel gets her wings.
We’ll be back on Monday with an all new episode!
Distorted View:12/29/04

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