Distorted View Daily: 11/21/06

November 21, 20061 min read

Hey Freaks!
It’s Tuesday, and you all know what that means! Sextastic! Thanks to our good buddy Preston, we’ve got a really doozy of a story for you. Think you can write a twisted story like Preston? E-mail me your attempts. If your story is read on the show, I’ll give you a 1-month free pass to the member site. A $5.00 Value! (wow..I’m cheap)
On Today’s Show:
– Wheelchair Follies!
– Penis Lawn Decorations
– Dead Fish Freckles
Join the freaks in the live chatroom: irc.quakenet.org/distortedview
Super Freak Sideshow: My Bread and Butter..and it’s delicious
Bob and David: Home of Taint Magazine.
Kotaku: I’m loving this site! I want a Wii so baaaddd!
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