And it continues…

February 12, 20071 min read

So, my PC went dead tonight. I noticed it was starting to act funny throughout the day. After recording the intro to DV and about 5 minutes worth of show, it kept freezing.
I went to the few 24 hours stores open around here to try and find a PC (Walmart/Kmart) but there was nothing (besides an Emachine shitbox and an $300 HP with no expansion bays or anyhthing. Tomorrow, I’ll be buying one first thing in the morning. So there WILL be a show, but it’ll come later today. I’m using my Mac right now, but I dont have it set up to do the show.
I plan on doing a video cast to show you how shitty my PC was and maybe I’ll set it on fire or something.
Sorry for the delay freaks.

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