Metal Gear Solid Anal Lactation Erotica

March 29, 20161 min read

Top Of The Show:

Although Tim is patriotic as FUCK, this Constitution nonsense has to end. What nonsense you ask? The Constitutions VERY EXISTENCE. It’s directly responsible for the pussification of our great country.

Some gun nut loves to blow shit up, until it’s his leg that done did exploded up.

Today’s Sextastic Tuesday features characters from Metal Gear, but if you don’t play that game, no worries, it’s mostly about male lactation.

Apple Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

A drug dealer plugs up his crack cocaine filled ass with his finger

A man who couldn’t be peeled away from his porno movie even when fire was about to consume him

A police officer has had a piece of his penis bitten off. I blame those flimsy pant-fabrics.

Other Things:

I managed to save most (if not all!) of my crashed HD data! I also bought an expensive RAID system so we’ll never have to live through that nightmare again.

My war on the news media continues. This time with a stupid article about a video game.

A listener calls to tell me about a pair of homosexuals he spotted at the store shopping for laxatives and diapers.

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