Pap Smear Pale Ale

March 30, 20161 min read

Top Of The Show:

These new show titles are ruining people’s lives, thanks to nosey co-workers.

We all remember VULVA original fragrance, right? A new IndieGoGo campaign takes it to the next insane level: Vagina beer!

A few weeks ago I was making fun of a local news story on demonic hair weaves. I found their source material.

Apple Weird /Crazy/ Bizarre News:

William Shatner is being sued for $170 million by a kookoo bananas man who thinks he’s his son.

Flushing your wife’s decapitated head down the toilet to be tidy (bowl)

A nurse who snapped pictures of her unconscious patient’s big fat dick has handed in her nursing license.

Other Things:

The county of Belize continues to call me every time an American gets robbed or killed over there.

A listener recommends over-the-counter fish penicillin instead of paying for Obamacare

Someone called me out on name-checking Chun-Li out of all the god damn characters from Street Fighter

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