Grabbing Junk For Jesus – Priest’s Oily Rub Down

July 18, 20231 min read

In an unbelievable turn of events, an Orthodox priest in Greece was busted for allegedly molesting a tourist by giving him a “holy” massage! According to The Telegraph, the unsuspecting tourist and his girlfriend were visiting a monastery on Rhodes when he forgot his crucifix. In an attempt to retrieve it, he was invited into a private room for some “holy” treatment. The priest lured the man in with the promise of a special gift. Little did he know that special meant having his junk anointed with holy oil!

After getting the oil massaged into and around his manhood (no word on if there was a full release or not) the poor tourist immediately called the cops. The priest, however, tried to explain himself by claiming the guy had an itchy rash and needed some spiritual healing. But let’s be real – we all know this is just a new way for priests to get their hands on some junk for Jesus!

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