Gay Last Names Are Now Banned

November 25, 20233 min read

(From the 10/10/23 Episode of Distorted View Daily)

Well, you know there have been a lot of book bannings as of late.

We’re all very scared of trans people, drag queens, and gays in general.

We’re so skittish, if the word “gay” appears anywhere in a book, chances are it may be banned.

An illustrated children’s book about siblings who build a doghouse together.

I can already see where this is going and why it might be banned.

[“Oh my beautiful doggie, what do you want to do now?

All I know about a game of anal sex.]

” I don’t know, I’m against book bannings 100% of the time.

I think elementary school is the perfect age to start learning about bestiality.

You know, let them come to their own conclusions, make up their own minds.

No, the book had nothing to do with bestiality.

It was an innocent book.

It was placed on a watch list of books to be potentially removed from the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library system in Alabama simply because its author’s last name was “gay.

” You’re not even allowed to say “gay” if it’s someone’s name now.

That’s also a decision I agree with.

I mean, it’s an awful last name, honestly.

Alright, AL.

com, I guess that’s alabama.

com, reports that “Read Me a Story, Stella” by author Marie Louise Gay was put on a list of potentially sexually explicit books despite the fact that it contains absolutely nothing about sex.

Unless you find dogs hot.

The Public Library Executive Director Cindy Hewitt said “Read Me a Story, Stella” should not have been placed on the list and said it only got swept up because the keyword “gay” was wrongly triggered by the author’s last name.

“Obviously we’re not going to touch that book for any reason,” she said.

Finally, sanity prevails.

Kirsten Broussard, Gay’s publicist at Groundwood Books, mocked the Alabama County for apparently having such an itchy book-banning trigger finger, but she also said such bans are part of a worrisome trend across the country that have been incited by culture-warring right-wing politicians and media figures.

Although it’s obviously laughable that our picture book shows up on their list of censored books simply because the author’s last name is gay, the ridiculousness of that fact should not detract from the seriousness of the situation.

That’s why I’m bringing this to light.

You know, I’m bringing some attention to this story.

That’s what we do here on DV.

This is a very important broadcast.

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