Secretly Getting Off To Being Misgendered – NEW SHOW

November 3, 20231 min read

On Today’s Show:

00:00:00:00.00 Introduction
00:02:07:02.40 Trans Woman Scamming Restaurants
00:13:28:23.68 Crazy Ex Girlfriend At The Gas Station
00:15:28:19.38 Crazy Christian Says Cardi B’s Music Activates Demons
00:17:32:00.60Are 6 Year Old’s Ready For Marriage? One Religion Says “Sure, Why Not”
00:21:20:04.03 Kids Forced To Get High On Jesus
00:24:22:09.60 Jewie Girl
00:25:42:06.32 Meade Re-Groups After Spectacular Weightloss Failures
00:29:50:17.53 Sign Up For The Sideshow!
00:31:27:08.57 Special Piss-Shake Delivery!
00:36:37:02.55 One Church Received A Holy Cincinnati Steamer
00:39:53:00.18 Tugging Your Turtle In Target
00:42:02:14.76Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending
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