Finding Worms In Your Poop Is No Big Deal

December 29, 20231 min read

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00:00:00 Introudction
00:21:18Distorted View’s 2023 In 4 Minutes
04:26:19 Magical Black People: The Movie
13:04:09 Cancer Fetishes
18:06:15 Livestreamer Finds Worms In Her Poop
21:49:18A Final Daniel Larson Freakout For 2023
26:26:03 Amazon Delivery Person Vs. Rabid Old Women
29:38:10 Sign Up For The Sideshow!
31:40:13 Chinese Chess Player Communicating Through Anal Bead Pulses
38:09:22 The Stink That Won’t Leave Is Terrorizing One Community
41:33:23The Big List Of Stuff American’s Stuck In Their Holes In 2023
48:17:02Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending
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