Mass Vomiting At 40,000 Feet In The Air

May 8, 20241 min read

On Today’s Show:

00:00:00 Introduction
01:32:09 My BFF Joey’s Birthday!
06:31:12 Richard Simmons Posting Weird Stuff On Youtube
13:28:09 Daniel Larson Got Busted By The Feds!
17:33:10 Frankie Macdonald Comes Out As a BBW Lover
21:26:00 Woman Called “Fat Ass” For Trying To Cancel Gym Membership
25:04:24 Woman Desperately Wants To Be A Victim
31:44:06 Sign Up For The Sideshow And Get More DV!
34:33:02Mass Vomiting 40,000 Feet In The Air
37:52:15 Never Give A Customer Your Cell Phone
43:45:11 Man With No Working Limbs Arrested For Assault
49:20:06Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending
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