The Best Thing Since Rat Infused Sliced Bread

May 14, 20241 min read

On Today’s Show:

00:00:04 Introduction
02:21:15 SNL Coffee Commercial
06:16:21 Faye Dunway Commercial Outtakes
08:21:10 Lauren Bacall High Point Coffee Ads
10:13:15 Opening Celestial Portals With A Tiktok Lunatic
19:05:19 A Makeup Tutorial Turns Into Black Face – Kevin Leonardo Is At It Again
25:02:04 An Archive Of Porn For The Blind!
30:42:24 Sign Up For The Sideshow!
32:31:08 Japanese Rat Bread
38:02:01 Porta Potty Tipping
40:09:08 The Woman Who Just Won’t Eat
45:11:07Voicemails: 206-666-4463 / Ending

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