• April 26, 2024By Tim

    On Today’s Show – A Crackhead Gets Beaten On Live Television By A White Man Plus Fighting Zombies And Assaulting Women: That’s What I’m Looking For In A City Mayor Salmon Sperm swimming Upstream Into Women’s Vaginas And Fisting Horses  Links: Meade Jumpin Rope! Get Exclusive Episodes Every Week – Become A Member Of The Distorted

  • April 19, 2024By Tim

    On Today’s Show: It’s a best of show today. Let’s revisit the the birth of Carbon Chaperone! Pure Hypochondria – 90’s New Age Compilation CD As Seen On TV (youtube.com) Our New PO Box Address! Distorted ViewPO Box 36268Cincinnati, OH 45236 AI Transcript:

  • February 23, 2024By Tim

    On Today’s Show: Tiktokkers Can’t Even Drink Water Like Normal People Plus A Southern Preacher Stakes Out Young Girls Wearing Short Shorts… For Biblical Research of course Why Is Meade Skelton Staring At Interracial Couples? And Having A Deep Conversation With AI Adolf Hitler  Links / Images: @distortedview Recently, DV finally got a new post

  • January 2, 2024By Tim

    On Today’s Show: 00:00:00  Introduction 02:02:24 2024 Is Is Starting Off…Concerning / Dog Is Sick 05:02:23  I’m Collecting Washers And Dryers Like Pokemon Now 17:14:24  Jim Bakker Doomsday Predictions 20:12:04  When Twitter Fights Spill Over On To Video 24:54:24  Black Queen Detained And Pissed 29:06:02  Happy New Year Wish From Tan Mom 31:00:12  Support Distorted

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    On Today’s Show: 00:00:00  Introduction 01:42:18  Cyber Monday! Last Day For Sideshow Membership Deals! 02:54:02 DV Merchandise 20% With Promo Code BETAMALE 03:35:06  My Thanksgiving Break 06:38:11  Hey Boomer! “My Car Was Possessed” 09:09:14  A Youtard’s Christmas Wishlist 10:38:14  The Evil Christmas Creature Is Torturing Tamir This Holiday 16:02:16  A Glitch In The Matrix And

  • November 24, 2023By Tim

    On Today’s Show: Hey Freaks! I’m on the mend! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are now out searching for amazing Black Friday Deals. I’m Taking it easy for the next few days, but as promised I have a Best-Of Show for you today. Oh, and I’ve got some of those AMAZING BLACK

  • November 30, 2021By Tim

    On Today’s Show – Introduction 0:00.000 Wanting To Be Famous But Lacking All Talent 2:04.250 Meet The Dragon 10:33.159 Trying To Pay With Paper Receipts 13:18.290 A Screeching Dispute Over A Service Animal 16:20.916 A Christian Ventriloquism Audio Record 19:51.781 A Sri Lankan Sings The Hits 23:28.496 Thank You, Sideshow Freaks! 25:51.689 Blowjob In The

  • July 29, 2021By Tim

    On Today’s Show – Introduction 0:00.162 My Thoughts On The Olympics 2:36.914 Homo-luxurious Music 7:16.992 The Problem With Modern Women 12:10.435 CNN Was Letting The Expletives Fly 16:32.915 Dr. Fauci’s Satan Serum 20:16.105 Thank You Sideshow Freaks! 26:28.779 RIP Ron Popeil 26:54.173 Lying Sack Of Elf Shit 33:45.532 Listen For That Goat Rape Death Scream

  • July 27, 2021By Tim

    On Today’s Show – Name Start Introduction 0:00.000 Oily Nipple Seepage 2:14.553 The Most Dysfunctional Cam Couple Is Back 11:27.601 This Linda Finkle HOF’er Is NOT BLESSED 22:12.230 Popeyes Chicken Nuggets / Whale Shit 24:24.119 Armless Man Looking To Massage Girl’s Feet…Somehow 30:08.192 A Chewy Lizard Salad 34:00.952 Local Reporter Muddies Up That Pretty Face

  • March 24, 2021By Tim

    On Today’s Show: Introduction 0:00.000 Bazooka Bubble Gum Can Blow Me 2:25.017 You’ll Never Get A Ghetto Girl With Your Tiny Dick 11:18.771 Cumming In A Rotten Coconut 19:56.098 Thank You, Sideshow Freaks! 24:17.095 Butt Bungee Jumping 25:02.000 Anti-Masker Karen Arrested Two Times In A Week 27:54.000 High On Toad Vapors 35:34.000 Voicemails / Ending